Sharon’s 60 Challenges 11

Our Trustee, Sharon Dunford is going to be doing 60 different challenges; they will either be extreme, bizarre or both!

This is all for raising money for One Community Trust here in Keynsham, Bristol. Your donations have been outstanding!

Your continued support is appreciated and If you wish to support Sharon you can do so by donating to us by Clicking on the Just Giving button!


Challenge 8 – Abseiling!




 BBC Points West Presenter Alex Lovell, Esther Vowels, Derek Kingsley & David Sprague joined Sharon on Sunday 11th Sep 2016 for her Abseiling challenge at Avon Gorge. Well done Sharon & co!

Challenge 7 – Sober September.

Challenge Completed!

Challenge 6 – Hula Hooping.

In Progress…

 Challenge 5 – Juggling for 60 seconds.

She hasn’t made it to 60 yet.

Challenge 4 – No swearing for 1 hour.

No further explanation needed.

Challenge 3The Smartie challenge.


 Update! – 26th October

More has been added to the pot!


This challenge involved filling smartie tubes with whatever change was lying around. 15 tubes were filled with a total of £23!

Challenge 2 – 60 minute Extreme Ironing session.



Ironing wedding sashes for 60 Minutes! All we can say is well done for persevering Sharon!

Challenge 1Skydiving is how she kicked off this bucket list of challenges!




We did ask Sharon for any comments on her first challenge, unfortunately she hasn’t stopped screaming since the event. Hopefully we’ll have better luck in a week or so.

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