Our Partners

We work with a variety of Organisations here in Keynsham. We value the mutual support of our fellow local charity’s as we can help each other to promote our cause to wider audiences.


We are proud to list Community 67 as one of our partners. We have hosted events for them here @One. Community 67 is Supported by Bath & North East Somerset Council and they do a fantastic job of creating a warm, welcoming community centre in south Keynsham with events to bring the community together.


We currently operate at a converted rectory behind St John’s Parish Church. We still enjoy the support of many members of the congregation and many of our young people to us via family’s who attend St Johns. We are grateful for the support of the church, you can find more details about them here.

Another one of our great partners is the Butterflies Haven Charity who use our Centre every week. They do an incredible job of supporting families caring for people who have Autism, irrespective of severity. Click here for more information.

We are located within the Bath & North East Somerset Council region and you can find out more from the area and the council by clicking here