About the One CT

One Community Trust Keynsham (One CT) is a recently formed charity that runs the @One Community Centre, situated in the converted rectory behind St Johns Parish Church at 1 The Park.P1000027

We provide a venue for community groups to rent & use as well as an office base for other local charities & good causes. We also provide activities & services ourselves.

1 The Park was declared ‘surplus to requirements’ as a rectory 5 years ago. The rector at the time believed that the building still had a future so it was purchased from the Bath & Wells Diocese & converted into the @One centre. A Community Management group was set up to oversee this process.

In 2014 this management group commissioned a consultant to review how the building was operating, what running costs were involved & how those costs could potentially rise with increasing use. There was a discussion of what other services could & should be supported. His recommendations included the option of becoming an independent charity as this would provide for better & more involved management as well as increase the chances of success when applying for grant, trust & business funding.

P1000022As a result One CT was formed, recruiting trustees from the community management group as well as the church council.


What We Do


Currently there is a lot going on in the @One building. It is the administrative centre for a local charity supporting young people with autism & their families, they also run drop in & evening activity sessions.

We are providing a Counselling service to young people in the area, we will be open for anyone to drop in to see us on Thursday’s. You can find out more by going to the Counselling page.




The rationale for providing both activities & services is that many young people are reluctant to get advice & support for themselves (& their families) because of stigmatisation & peer pressure. By advertising, signposting & providing these support services in a building that is primarily known for being the venue for activities we can offer a level of confidentiality that is important.

But all this costs money ! In offering the @One building as a venue we also look to have subsidies & discounts in place, so that groups & individuals are not excluded because of cost. We balance our need for income with the more general need for activities & services.

We strongly believe in helping ourselves & we have organised a series of fundraising events. We have organised a local Treasure Hunt, and  number of sponsored walks – we’ve done from Keynsham to Jerusalem!  other fundraising activity’s include a poker evening that is run by a member of the clergy team, our very own “Rifflin’ Reverend” as well as regular car washes from the youth group, who are also making green tomato chutney from the garden produce. Finally one of the Charity’s trustee’s Sharon Dunford is doing 60 extreme challenges to raise money from anyone generous enough to sponsor her and she’s doing very well! You can find out more here

But we still need to look for support from trusts & local businesses, as providing activities does come at a cost. For example, we will look to ‘charge’ for outdoor pursuit activities, but not all families are able to afford that. Some of the young people for these will be have been ‘nominated’ by the local Police & PCSOs, as a diversion from potential criminal & anti-social activity, & the lack of family support is an issue.

To find out more about the staff that make our good work possible please click here.